Leadership and Church Board, Leading each department faithfully
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Each ministry in the church has an overseeing committee.  Each overseeing committee has a director/president to lead the activities that they are responsible for.  Use this list to know who to talk to about what and how you can become plugged in to an area of minsitry that God is leading you into.
SDMI Board      Marg Wright
    Judy Thomas.           Bill Crittenden
    Vicky Harrison.         Kielee Mosley
    Mary Locke                     
Nazarene Youth International                              
Nazarene Missions International                              Greg Armstrong
    Council                       Imogean Crittenden
                                       Pam Durr
                                       Marla Armstrong
Stewards                                                                David Johns
                                                                              Greg Bremner
                                                                               Zach Mobley
Trustees                                                                 Dan Komning
                                                                              Duane Andrews