Blog...what is a blog???
While the internet may be still new to a large segment of the population, blogging has became the new way to diary your life.
Webster defines blog as a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.  Ok then, it is just a diary of sorts.  Just a place where someone shares their thoughts and others get to read them....I remember when that was done over coffee or a piece of pie. 
What we will do here is present some thoughts, maybe not always popular, or always in line with every one's view, but for the most part, they will be thought provoking.  Comments will be appreciated and even encouraged.
Sit back, grab your cup of coffee and read on, you may even learn something!
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What is Advent?

The word "advent," from the Latin adventus (Greek parousia), means "coming" or "arrival." The Advent Season is focused on the "coming" of Jesus as Messiah (Christ or King). Worship, scripture readings, and prayers not only prepare us spiritually for Christmas (celebration of His first coming), but also for his eventual second coming. This is why the scripture readings during Advent include both Old Testament passages related to the expected Messiah, and New Testament passages concerning Jesus' second coming as judge of all

One of the best known Advent customs is the lighting of the candles in an Advent wreath, a simple or decorated evergreen wreath with four candles placed in the circle and a single white candle in the center. The wreath itself represents the never-ending circle of God’s love, that he is the same and forever in his love towards his people. The green of the wreath, as in the Christmas tree, represents the hope of eternal life that comes through Christ and serves a reminder of the freshness of God’s love and promises. The light of the candles reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World, that his birth represented the coming of the light into darkness, and that we are called to reflect that light in our lives.

Each Sunday before Christmas an additional candle is lit, creating a beautiful stepped-effect as the previous weeks’ candles burn down further. Scriptures are read and carols sung as part of the lighting. 

As we prepare our hearts for this upcoming Advent season, let us reflect on the purpose of Christ's birth; His ministry; His death on the Cross; and His rising from the grave. The purpose is you! His love for you... As a gift, He,the Chirst Child; born of the virgin Mary in a stable because there was no room in the inn...born for you on that first Christmas day!  Celebrate the birth, Prepare your hearts during Advent and look forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The first Sunday of Advent begins December 2nd. Come and celebrate with us.





Helping Hands - Faith Promise

May 16, 2009
Saturday Community Work Day
You will not want to miss this day of working side by side with other from the church out on the streets and byways of the John Day/Canyon City area.
We want to have 75 people out working for their neighbors this year!
Last year we had near 50 people out working and we would like to see even more!!!
For more infomation call the church office or Greg Armstrong (575-2765)

Creation 08

 WOW!!! Creation this year was fantastic.
This was the 11th year for Creation Northwest, but the 30th anniversary for Creation East.  Since it was such a big celebration there, we benefited from the planning here in the Northwest.
The first afternoon we arrived, we set up camp, and relaxed a bit.
When evening rolled around, we headed to the Amphitheater to soak in the first worship service and speaker
This is truly a beautiful setting.
Creation is an opportunity to immerse yourself in seeking God's direction for you life.
You may not think that is what you are seeing in the photo above, but quite to the contray, these two girls have come to hear from God and I believe, came home with more skills than they arrived.
This trip could never be accomplished without the support of the congregation.  Not just support of the kids in their desire to attend, but providing so much food, which on a hot long day at camp, translates to pure love.

Last Day of Work and Play

 Today is Saturday and it is our last chance to Work and Play.
We had three options today, Work, visit the Farmers Market or go Fishing for King Salmon.
The group was broke up well, and we accomplished all three.
The working group went right to work tying up loose ends and trying to complete the jobs that we started on Monday.  Two particularly lingering jobs were the tree clearing and the plumbing.  Just when we thought we had completed the tree clearing, we would get directive to take out a few more trees.  The plumbing on the other hand was a constant mix of new problems with each correction of a current problem.  Freezing temperatures had brought havoc to the entire plumbing system including the hot water heater itself.  We are proud to say that by Saturday afternoon, water flowed with out spraying leaks.
The fishermen went to the Big Susitna river and the mouth of Montana creek to fish for the elusive King Salmon.  The King run was late this year due to cooler temperatures of the water.  As as result, the Kings were hard to interest in attaching themselves to the hooks.
The shoppers went in to Anchorage to the Farmers Market.  They enjoyed a good day of delightful fun...uh huh.  They arrived back at camp around 5pm, just in time to join the rest of the crew for a final cleaning of the house, the church and the back storage areas.  The cleaning was due to the church holding a farewell dinner for us this night.
We ate, salmon, cooked four different ways, Poor man's lobster (Cubed Halibut with butter pour over it), salads, chips, dip, and much more.  This meal was not the only meal that messed with this Eagle Challenge members week.  The one for T-bones and Rib-eyes the night before was also over the top.

Friday (Day Seven)

 Well, we made it to the end of the week.  Tonight we ventured to Hatchet Pass.  There is an old Gold Mine there.  It is only 3800 feet in elevation, but you seem like you are on top of the world.
We have most of the work done on the house, some on the church and allot on the lot.  Some of us will stay and work tomorrow, while some will go into a farmer's Market in Anchorage and still others will head out fishing for King Salmon VERY early in the morning.

Tour Day to Seward and back

 Today we had a wonderful time of team bonding as we traveled about 500 miles across Alaska.  We visited tourist spots, we visited awesome displays of nature and we visited auto parts stores.  We laughed, we loved and we grew closer during this time.

Hump Day

 We have made it through Wednesday!
What started as a two day Kids club has expanded out to a three night.  We had two brand new kids that wanted to know, "what do we do now?" at the end of tonight.  "Come to Sunday School was the quick response.
We also had two kids accept Christ in the teen group tonight!
Work wise, we are continuing to struggle on multiple levels with the brush, the water system that sat through a winter with no heat, and tightening up the whole house.
Tomorrow we are taking a day off to go to Seward and see some of Alaska.
Then, we will be back for a final two days of work on the project before returning home on Sunday.

Second Night of Kidz Club, Great Success

 We finished the second night of Kidz Club tonight on a very positive note.  The kids are just eating up these few nights of fun and activities.  We had a new family of three kids tonight for the very first time to church.  It excited us as well as the congregation.
Work is cooking along, and of course as in any W&W trip, we wish we could accomplish even more than we are, but truely we are accomplishing great tasks.
We are moving on to painting and moving into the house from the outside tomorrow.  Wa hooo!!
Pastor Paul and Pam Trissel are so humble to make this move as servants to this church plant congregation.

First Day of Work

 Today was our first full day of work.  We think we got quite a bit accomplished and still had the energy to fun a night of Kids Club this evening.
What I really that I had more time to write.
Maybe tomorrow, I can give you a better run down of our work and the Kids Club.

Father's Day in Alaska

Father's Day was an Orange Shirt day in Alaska.
We met early for prayer before the service and then prepared to meet the folks at West Valley Family Church of the Nazarene.
Pastor Paul reminded us to love, devote and be faithful in prayer.
After the worship service we shared a meal with the church family.  There were a couple of first time visitors who shared how wonderful it was to be so accepted their first time at church.
In the afternoon we spent time planning for Monday's work and then held a team meeting with David Johns sharing from I Samuel about God's perfect timing.
After the evening meal, we traveled down the road to visit a villiage that has had Russian Orthodox influence and built spirit houses over the top of their grave sites.
You will have to see the gallery!!
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